Twitch Client Design

Design work done for a stream partner
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About this project:

Twitch Client Design

This project began when I was contacted by the client in regards to commissioning a new logo and web design content for their channel. Their namesake, the American Cooter Turtle was to be the focus of the project. There were few initial guidelines, only suggestions on content topics and a general outline for the eventual finished products.

The turtle's overarching design theme is that it was to resemble a real world object that could be made from stone. Each piece had to remain separate from the others, but remain as part of the greater whole when views as a single object.

The content screens and business cards were set to convey who the streamer was at a glance, and the various ways to contact them. They are an amalgam of my design and artwork, and third party commissioned pieces.

Technologies used:

Adobe Illustrator: The turtle logo design was developed exclusively in Adobe Illustrator, as were many aspects of the offline and banner screens. The vector based graphics allowed for extreme simplicity when sizing the project up or down, depending on what the client needed and requested.

Adobe Photoshop Photoshop was used in combining graphic elements for offline screens and business card layouts.

Technical Talk:

The Design

As mentioned above, the overarching design theme of the turtle logo was that it must be made from something that could also be made from stones set out on the ground. This was developed by breaking down the turtle into its main components (head, feet, shell), and then further splitting those down into geometric shapes that were recognizable as their original forms. The hard lines and angles of the shell were broken down by tweaking and warping the individual shell elements and the dividing sections between segments. This really helped remove the effect of a turtle with a cross hairs on its back being a thing (it looked super weird once you noticed it). Finally some refinement was done to the extremities in order to prevent hard angles not found in the shell. The letter C found in some of the turtle logos was hand drawn to fit on the shell with a bit of twirl to it, as per client requests.

The business cards were requested at a later date, and focus on the turtle logo on the back side of each card. This was the client's logo and she wanted it to be front and center on each piece. the front side contains a subtle deep grey shell set as the background to the text, in order to break up the monotony of a solid black background.

The offline and page content headers for the stream were a set of mixed content using my own design and a piece of artwork the client had commissioned from another artist. The angled design allowed for the most central features of the artwork to be visible, but still kept the streamer's information central to the piece. Colors were chosen to both remain neutral to the background artwork, or to pop and draw visitor's eyes to relevant info and links.